pima cotton

Pima Cotton, Gossypium Barbadense, is the finest and most appreciated type of cotton in the world. The silky luster and extreme softness result from the ideal growing conditions in the northern coastal valleys of Peru, where it is cultivated. There, the rich soil soaks up just the right amount of moisture at a near perfect equatorial temperature. The harvesting of Peruvian Pima Cotton is done by hand, another important distinction, as the careful hand harvesting results in a brilliant white shade which takes beautifully to dyes.

baby wearing pima cotton staring at the camera

Due to its fiber quality, Pima Cotton is one of the most competitive grades for export in Peru, supplying the most demanding prestigious textile trademarks globally. These characteristics of extraordinary fineness and smoothness, when in contact with the baby's skin, produce unique sensations of comfort and warmth. The qualities of the softest Pima Cotton, plus our exclusive designs of classical inspiration, produce a superb value proposition for our customers.

baby wearing pima cotton